This year there are roughly 29 Latin art exhibitors (mostly from outside the United States), more decorative operations, and some quite respectable outfits, such as the Hammer Galleries. Praxis International Art will be back but Bess Cutler, for one, won't be returning: "We didn't do very well. It's certainly not the Cologne Art Fair, but that's fine." Landfall Press, according to owner Jack Lemon, isn't coming back either: "We broke even, but I didn't like the way it was handled: the place was lit more like a salon than a gallery. Basically, it wasn't worth it."

Whatever the financial angle, the weekend offers plenty of auxiliary diversions. For the high-minded, Metro-Dade Art in Public Places will present a symposium on public art (with program titles such as Collaboration and Compromise: The Design Team Approach) featuring Maya Lin, the architect for Washington, D.C.'s Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This year the annual Art Deco Symposium will feature tours of Dade County's 1930s Themed/Fantasy Communities, such as Opa-locka and Hialeah Race Track, and an endless succession of seminars, such as: "Kim Weber: A Shift of Imagery from the Early Art Deco to the Streamline Moderne." In the no-brainer fun category, the annual Moon Over Miami Ball, benefiting the Miami Design Preservation League, will once again have Cab Calloway and plenty of attitude. The street fair commences the next day and will, no doubt, be the usual melange of roller skaters, tourists, models, competing fast food odors, and here and there, conceptual references to Art Deco. Another theme party, another year.

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