Nuclear Countdown

Valdez is dreaming again

Stuart PosinGroove Thangs manager and Miami Rocks, Too! organizer

As I was heading back to my office to write this, my first ever review, I was thinking about a couple of things to say. Problem was, all of it sounded really pretentious. As I sat down to finally get to work, I realized I had listened to this record more often than I had listened to anything in a long, long time. I guess that says something right there about the Nukes' latest effort. After an initial release that was not received as well as we in South Florida would have liked, the band had two choices. One, fold the tent and go home to cry about what could have been, or, two, have "The Will" to come in out of the storm and "(Share a Little) Shelter" with someone who had the same vision they had. Someone who could draw from them what they truly felt, but could not get on tape the first time around. Mission accomplished. This album is the perfect marriage of band and producer. From top to bottom this is a record that draws you in. Whether it is infectious pop dance ("Bullets") or the haunting sounds of "Dream Another Dream Alive," this is the record that will get the Nukes national attention in a big way. It's the best thing that I've heard come out of my car stereo in a long time.

Laura RegaladoHost of WVUM-FM's local-rock show

Real rock from the streets of Miami? Not quite. The Nukes are at it again, but this time they abandon the pure alternative-rock sound that had become synonymous with the name Nuclear Valdez for a definite dance groove, complete with drum machine and keyboards. "Eve '91" was an ill-conceived idea; the original was fine the way it was. Don't get me wrong, Dream Another Dream is catchy, well-produced, and you can dance to it. But after seeing the Nukes deliver live songs like "Forgotten Yellow Cowboy," "The Boy Within," and "Summer," it's going to take some getting used to.

Rich Ulloa
Owner of Yesterday & Today Records and the Y&T Music label

"(Share a Little) Shelter" is the kind of song of which careers are made. After seeing the video, there's no doubt in my mind that the career of Nuclear Valdez will dramatically surge to new heights.

Glenn Richards
Host of WSHE-FM's local-rock show

The new album may take some people by surprise, the richness of the production doesn't sound like that of a young rock and roll band but more like that of a seasoned, mature musical group. As Juan Diaz likes to say, it sounds more like their fourth album than their second. It is different than I Am I, except the songwriting is the main constant, that and Fro's unmistakable voice. There's just absolutely great songs on this album. On Dream Another Dream, Nuclear Valdez fulfills the promise made with I Am I.

Todd Anthony

Music writer for New Times

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