Depress Pass

The lyrics might be dark, but the music of the Wait shines

The tape closes with the atmospheric "Into the Light," a song whose narrator is slowly but surely freezing to death. In the Louis Lowy oeuvre, this is what passes for upbeat.

It almost goes without saying that, being an unsigned, original rock outfit, the Wait are hoping this demo will land them a deal. "We used to make detailed lists of our goals, and then later we'd turn the paper over and write lyrics on it," explains Ward. "But now we're taking it [the struggle for success and recognition] more seriously. RT-60 has been really fair with us, but [making a demo] is still very expensive and time-consuming. We put a lot into it. A lot is riding on this tape."

Even before the tape, however, there were signs that the band had fans in high places. Last year's invitation to Miami Rocks, where Marotta first heard them play, is one example; Ward's honor at the SoFlo awards is another. The band was also invited to appear at the taping of the soon-to-be-released Live at the Square CD, which will feature one of their newer songs, "Can the World Refuse to Turn?".

But in the final analysis, an original rock band's chances of breaking into the big time ride heavily on their demos. To that end the Wait have laid down four scorching, passionate, radio-ready tracks on a tape that gives them as good a shot as anyone at the great rock-and-roll crapshoot, which begs the question: What will Louis Lowy do for inspiration if the band makes it to the promised land? Is he equipped to handle success?

"I've already started working on some less negative lyrics," he confides. Somberly.

THE WAIT performs at : p.m. Friday at Washington Square, 645 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 534-1403.

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