You Make the Call!

Who should be selected as Miami Beach's new city manager? If the politicians insist on holding secret meetings to discuss it, make sure they meet with you!

Robins, who hosted the meeting with Pearlson at his own home, also contends his actions were proper. "I have a desire," he says, "to see that our city is the best place it can be and the quality of the people who get involved in the city is the best."

Other Miami Beach officials also appear to be thinking about Muxo-as-manager. Although they never strapped on the feedbag together, Commissioner Martin Shapiro, who was returned to office for a second term, says he did telephone Muxo in Homestead. "A friend of mine happened to mention to me that Muxo might be interested in applying for the job," Shapiro says, refusing to divulge the identity of the helpful matchmaker. "I called him to find out whether that was true or not. He indicated to me that he might be interested in it."

Muxo's own recollection of the introductions is slightly different from the version offered by the other participants. "A couple of people called me, trying to recruit me," says Muxo. But none of the men explicitly asked him if he wanted the job. Rather they asked whether he would be interested in being considered or applying for it. "I said I didn't know," Muxo recalls. But seeing as how everyone seemed so interested, Muxo says he just might submit his resume when the time is right.

Given the positive feedback that resulted from the unselfish work of Michael Milberg and Craig Robins, it might not be a bad idea if all private citizens got involved in the selection process. If you know of someone who would make a fine city manager, or -- what the heck -- if you think you could do the job, give a ring to a commissioner or two and set up a breakfast meeting. The telephone numbers for the mayor and commissioners:

Mayor Seymour Gelber: 673-7030
Commisisoner Sy Eisenberg: 673-7102
Commissioner Susan Gottlieb: 673-7105
Commissioner Neisen Kasdin: 673-7106
Commissioner David Pearlson: 673-7103
Commissioner Abe Resnick: 673-7104
Commissioner Martin Shapiro: 673-7107
Bon appetit!

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