Trading's The Tides, and more. The shape of a real city.
Several weeks that shook the world - well, still a real small world - filled with bright moments. Columnist/personality/club promoter Jon Jon Bubblegum, at Cesar Augusto's party for fellow artist Carlos Alves on Espanola Way, with a great opening line: "It's so fashionable to hate you now." The immensely cheering photographer Ed Granda, at one party or another: "I'll tell you what - in this life, you've got to have balls the size of Miami Beach." The opening of the clothing store Meet Me in Miami, all salsa and snap. A small Louis Canales reception for the amazing Caribbean-style Marlin building on Collins Avenue - the condominium/hotel/recording studio/Jamaican restaurant complex, a joint venture between Chris Blackwell of Island Trading and DACRA - with guest appearances by Miss Kitty and Tara darling. The marathon ended with the tail end of an unofficial but intriguing restaurant opening: no food, model types necking as The Door's "The End" blared out over the speakers, vacuous stares. Conceptual. Vaguely unsettling. Truly South Beach.

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