"We're not some Joe Blow off the street," Martinez continues. "For six months we've had a full staff, and kept some 48 people working. The people of Miami Beach should be grateful. Everyone is being paid. It's all rumors. People are very jealous; they want to ruin something that's positive. These promoters from Big Sunday who are doing all this talking - they took the door money and didn't even pay their dancers. They left bills behind. Let people talk, we want people to continue to talk. The truth will shine at the end. We're going to send an apology letter to everyone in the community who felt insulted. I don't regret Hipodrome, but I do regret every day doing business in Miami. But Hipodrome won't speak badly about anybody. We have class."

William Mittler is similarly positive: "I agree on all the issues. I back up his word to the bone. This club is going to be a success and I feel that we'll perform a service to the community. This man has a great deal of charisma; I can't describe it.

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