Edward Rahn
North Bay Village

Babe Ruth had a very high strikeout record. He also hit the most home runs. I mention this because I believe we represent the silent majority. In my letter of August 28, I addressed several issues and raised several questions, none of which were answered. K.G. Gibson ("Letters," September 11) calls me tired and a bigot. This is the typical "gay" response to anyone who has a right to a differing opinion. I don't claim lofty expertise and was not judging - merely observing, as Charles Darwin did.

You can't escape this simple biological fact of nature; it takes a man and woman to create life. Period. An organism is defined by its ability to reproduce. May I add that Gibson's very existence was dependent upon the love shared by "consenting adults," namely, man and woman; and his typical "gay" disdain for Christianity bleeds through in his choice of such words as "lofty." The catch phrase for the biologically incorrect, "consenting adults," makes everything okay. Well, consenting adults engage in many other activities that are illegal and/or destructive. Are they okay, too?

New Times took the liberty of editing out a very important fact of my original letter. Since the mid- to late Sixties, faggots were content with the sex. They were satisfied and giddy with joy to be out of the closet. Sex was the objective, sex was the cause, sex was the choice. It wasn't until the AIDS crisis and the question of life insurance, health insurance, job security, benefits, and estate upon death that the biologically incorrect stopped and took an inventory of what they really amounted to, namely, a group whose entire existence was validated and based solely on sexual activity or orientation. Now the biologically incorrect want more than simply their already given free right to the deviant orientation; they want all the things previously reserved for the great family structure here in America.

I have faith in the American family, I believe in it, I'm a product of it. Well, I'm out of the "closet," the closet of neutrality. Batter up!

T.J. Callahan
National Organization of Families Against Gay Supremacists

For some time I've been intending to call your attention to two things:
1) Your double-page "Calendar" begs to be placed at the center of the newspaper, for easy, fold-open referral or removal. Can't figure out why you didn't put it here long ago.

2) We sorely need some respite from the "likes" of restaurant reviewer Sue Mullin and her swining companion. By now we can all predict, ad nauseum, what makes these two gluttons salivate: any meal on wheels, too heavy to be carried to the table, apparently.

I fear for their health! Please save them from their excesses, and us from the indigestible accounts of them. Give us the taste of a reviewer with more health-minded appetites, and a companion who doesn't gripe about small portions and lack of bread, while giving lip-service to dieting. "Daphne be damned," if these two don't eschew buttery potatoes while, incongruously, gorging on rich, glazed cheesecakey desserts!

Perhaps Ms. Mullin's insomnia is caused not by coffee, but by internal stress from habitual overindulgence at the trough with Mr. Pork Barrel. Put them on a fast for their sakes and ours!

Jude Bagatti
South Miami

Thank you for reinstating the comedy section in your paper's club listings. It has been very sorely missed. My friends and I always saw New Times as the best representative of the arts in this area, and comedy is as much a part of the arts as anything else (and sometimes more sorely needed). Thank you again, and keep up the great work.

Scott Tabner


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