The overflow of reporters who couldn't fit in the small courtroom lounged around a conference area next door, watching the proceedings on several small monitors. Akre sat at a large table, directly across from Al Goldstein of Screw magazine, and idly looked on as courthouse security stopped Martin-Trigona from entering the room. He didn't have a press pass.

Ellis Rubin was in mid-soliloquy: "Am I about to commit a crime?" he implored the judge. "Consider my past." A great roar went up in the press room. Akre shook her head in disgust.

A huge, crab-walking phalanx of photographers escorted Rubin and the Willetses back to the parking lot, running over innocent people and colliding with cars along the way. Photographers climbed atop newspaper boxes to get better views. All the while, the drill-sergeant voice of George Martin-Trigona barked out admonishment, reprimand, and denunciation: "Clear the way! Act your age!" He still held the gift-wrapped book.

After the Willetses and Rubin drove away, Martin-Trigona returned to the courthouse, strolled through the metal detector, and spied a reporter he knew. In his customary stentorian voice, he wove a tale of conspiracy and intrigue in which Wilson and Akre were ganging up on his "friend" Rubin. Just then, by a coincidence worthy of Martin-Trigona's obsession, Akre herself walked past. Martin-Trigona made a slight move toward her, but she was ready. Screwing up her face like Jamie Lee Curtis, Akre unleashed a short but lethal burst of verbal fire and quickly headed for a bank of telephones. Channel 7 reporter John Turchin, who was with Akre, hissed a warning at him.

The man with the package didn't miss a beat. Immediately his narrative to the reporter rose in volume and pitch: "She doesn't want to talk to me because she knows I have proof that she is having illegal sex with Steve Wilson!" Heads spun. The reporter, embarrassed, walked away. "That's right!" roared Martin-Trigona, abandoning his composure for the very first time in the six years he has sought an audience with Jane Akre. "Illegal sex and illegal fellatio!"

Akre would later say she didn't hear what Martin-Trigona shouted. She also refuses to comment about him except to make this statement: "It's gone beyond reason. He's shown a total, complete inability to reason." The next day Martin-Trigona would express dismay: "I lost my cool. I never lose my cool. Only Akre could make me do that. Do you see what kind of woman she is? Do you see why I simply can't give up?"

On the morning of September 10, the cast of characters inside Guy Rubin's office included Steve Wilson, free-lance cameraman Steve Shapiro, and Inside Edition producer Donna Howell. A sound man worked from a van parked on the street nearby.

As his hidden Panasonic Elmo 8mm camera rolled silently, Wilson questioned the youngest Rubin about the $100,000 "package" for the names of Willets's clients, a "clothed or unclothed" one-day photo session with Kathy, and the sex tape supposedly featuring Doug Danziger. "You could tell it was Kathy Willets," Shapiro recalls, referring to the videotape. "You could tell there was sucking and fucking and what have you. Whether you could see through the [bedroom closet] louvers and tell beyond a reasonable doubt that it was Danziger, I don't know. I was only 70 or 80 percent sure it was Danziger. Wilson kept saying, `How do we know it is Danziger?' Guy kept saying, `Don't worry. Trust me, it is Danziger.' You could hear his voice, and I suppose if you knew Danziger's voice, you could recognize him easier.

"In the middle of everything, the phone rang and Guy came back and said it was Hard Copy," Shapiro continues, "that they were interested in buying the tape. He said we needed to get this deal taken care of in the next five minutes or he was going to call them back. I was flabbergasted. No one had to trick that guy [Rubin] into anything. His attitude was cocksure. He was cocksure about everything we talked about. All we needed was Monty Hall and someone in a chicken suit."

Minutes later Shapiro earned his pay (about $600 if he and the sound man split the fee equally). He picked up his Betacam and began taping as Wilson ambushed Guy Rubin. "Is this ethical? Is what you're doing ethical? You proud of this? Selling evidence in a case?" Wilson asked. Rubin quickly ended the meeting, walked out, and soon called Miami police to have Wilson removed from the premises.

That was the end of the taped segment as broadcast on Inside Edition, but Guy Rubin says much more took place later, off camera. "After the meeting ended, when I walked out of the room, he [Wilson] followed me up to my office and tried to extort the tape from me," Rubin claims. "He said, `Let me have the tape for free, or else.' He wanted to know what the Florida Bar or the state attorney would think about it.

"He threw his card on my desk and said we had until 2:30. He repeated that phrase in front of several people, including [brother] Mark and my wife, who was sitting in the reception area. Also, when the police officer arrived, he repeated that again and the officer noted that in his report." (The officer, who is not identified in the report, did include this cryptic note: "Mr. Wilson then stated, `I hope to hear from you before 2:30 or I'm going to do what I have to do.' Mr. Wilson then left the building.")

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