How Dare You Pour Borscht On My Daughter's Head!

One complaint about Kangaroo Court overturns a Miami Beach day camp's 25-year tradition

In its place, LeMay says, the recreation officials decided to design a game based on the Nickelodeon network's game show Double Dare, in which teams of children compete against each other to complete a task where messy food is usually the operative component.

But the decision to do away with Kangaroo Court has left more than a few people disconsolate. "I've never had a child go through it and have a complaint about it," says Emily Laurence's mother, Claudia, who has washed Kangaroo Court debris from four of her children's clothes. "I'm sorry it was taken away. I think the kids enjoyed it. They liked getting rowdy, they liked getting dirty."

LeMay and Reiz, both of whom were defendants in Kangaroo Court when they were kids, remember the thrill of the activity and express their disappointment at its demise. Reiz, a youth center employee for eleven years, recalls how one summer he had a collision with another camper and accidently sank his teeth into the boy's knee. He was convicted of "biting below the waist" and had to sit in ice-cold water. "I obviously think it does nothing but enhance the program, it does nothing but increase the enrollment," Reiz insists. "But times are changing. Everything today is litigation. You have to be careful.

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