Over the Churchill

WSHE-FM DJ and local-show host Glenn Richards: "The neighborhood has become really kind of unappealing, I guess. And I hate the fact that they don't advertise what's going on there well enough in advance. It's like, `Oh, really, the Goods are playing? I didn't know that.' But, what? They got great beer and the expansion a few years ago was really nice and so many monumentally cool things have happened there. It's just an institution. Pickett, the Goods, the Nukes filming their video there, the Silos, the Chant...it's fun and funky."

Chant bassist Jim Johnson: "Dave is a really nice guy and it's a really good place to play. Of all the different places that have been in and out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale during the past few years, bands are lucky to have a place like Churchill's."

Washington Square owner Bill True: "It's got its own trashy little dive bar thing that I like. It's been there for a while, given a stage to local bands, and supports the scene. They're doing their thing over there. And Dave has always been more than hospitable."

The Goods' John Camacho: "Churchill's has been our blessing. Dave is a guy, a man, who believes in music and in us. He built an oasis in a musical desert."

Former Trash Monkey Bill Orcutt: "The most amazing thing I ever saw at Churchill's was when Dave once got up on-stage to introduce the Trash Monkeys. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but he was totally unzipped in front. It was humiliating for us. That and the fact that Mike the bartender had a special shirt made up that said `This Band Sucks' that he would wear only for Trash Monkey gigs."

Nuclear Valdez front man Fro Sosa: "It's a great place. It's the only club where you can get decent beer and an intimate atmosphere. I think Churchill's is the only club that has no official music format - anyone Dave deems worthy can get to play there. It's not like these other places that are `rock' or `dance' or a hangout bar. Churchill's is more like `all of the above.'"

Dead Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill: "Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. In the past we have had a light which flickered, in the present we have a light which flames, and in the future there will be a light which shines over all the land and sea. I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. But Dave Daniels had cold beer and cool bands."

LOLA-OO-MOW-MOW-AU-POOKIE featuring the Prom Sluts, Methadone Actors, Human Oddities, the Stun Guns, and Strongbox at 9:00 p.m. Friday and the Sierra Club Benefit featuring Gary Wilson, Boise & Moss, Bobby Reynolds, the Randies, and Jonelle at 9:00 p.m. Saturday at Churchill's Hideaway, 5501 NE 2 Ave, 757-1807.

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