Where Have All the Spikers Gone?

The pros have packed up their volleyballs and split Miami Beach.

Penrod's manager of beach operations, Joe Schraff, acknowledges the strained relations that have led the pros to move to places such as Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. "We got a really bad rap with what went on before because of some of the people running volleyball for us," Schraff asserts, "but we want to change that. We really want to get rid of the stigma." More than that, Schraff says, Penrod's wants big-time ball to return to the sand on South Beach. In words reminiscent of those spoken by Bill Barrere six years ago, he says, "We think this is the place where volleyball could really take off, and we want to see that happen." That would please Barrere. "It's a shame it's taken so long to come to that conclusion," he says, "but anything that's done now to bring back good volleyball and good courts can only help the sport.

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