Royal Flush

Time-travel comedy and video art and political journal and academic textbook dense-packed into one work, Urinal operates in a dimension available to few films, a giddy and vigorous mix of the intellectual and sensual. Although intended for a Canadian audience - many of the finer legal points are intriguing but ultimately irrelevant to those south of the border - its importance for the United States, or any country in which the government treads too close to bedroom windows, is indisputable. In his earlier films, such as The Perils of Pedagogy and Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers, Greyson had no shortage of intelligence and irreverence. Urinal, though, marks a giant step forward. Right up until the end, when Frida delivers a stirring, anthemic challenge to the overarching politics of sexuality in society, Greyson recognizes that the potent polemics of the future will come from new media - movies and television and computers - and he's savvy enough to start the future now.

Written and directed by John Greyson; with George Spelvin, Paul Bettis, David Gonzalez, Olivia Rojas, Pauline Carey, Keltie Creed, Karl Beveridge, Clive Robertson, and Lance Eng.


Screens at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. Friday to Tuesday and August 23-27 at the Alliance Film & Video Project, 927 Lincoln Rd, Ste 113, Miami Beach. Tickets are $6, $4 for Alliance members. Call 541-8504.

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