Name That Tomb

Falsehood 4: Death-metal bands are tattoo-laden, narrow-minded morons. Tattoos may be a matter of personal taste, but they saved Igor's skin. The guys love to tell the story of how, while on a European tour, Igor was called up for mandatory service in the Brazilian army. Unable and unwanting to run home and serve, he was branded a deserter and sentenced, in absentia, to two years in jail and a three-year tour of duty. Resigned to his fate, Igor turned himself in after the European tour. While he stood in line waiting to be examined, the army physician noticed the tattoos adorning Igor's body. "How many of those do you have?" he asked. "Three," Igor responded. "Get the hell out of here," the doctor ordered, thus sparing the untimely demise of Sepultura.

As for being narrow-minded, Sepultura has taught me more than a thing or two. "I like everything," says Paulo of his musical preferences. "Metal, rock and roll, Spanish and Brazilian music, classical, jazz. Jaco Pastorius [the late South Florida jazz innovator] is one of my favorite bass players. We listen to a lot of different stuff, and try to take something good from all kinds of music. I respect every kind of music. Sometimes I don't like it, but I never say, `I hate that.' I keep it to myself.

"Everyone should try to keep your mind open and try to listen to anything you can. Don't think about `They're death metal, they're thrash metal.' Keep your mind open to the music, 'cause music is just one language."

SEPULTURA performs with Napalm Death, Sacred Reich, and Sick of it All at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Institute, 1625 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach, 531-5914. Tickets cost $17.50 and $20.

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