The Man and the Mouth

If Fidel falls, will you return to Cuba immediately?
If I can, before he falls.

Would you continue doing the same thing there, running a newspaper and radio show?

I am a person who returns to the same thing. There I would do it with some plan to help in the reconstruction of Cuba, to defend the people from some here who also want to go there. If we free ourselves from Fidel and not [Cuban American National Foundation chairman Jorge] Mas Canosa, we haven't advanced one bit. I think Fidel and Mas Canosa are the same thing.

What is your greatest problem with Mas Canosa?
When I see Mas Canosa, I think I'm seeing Fidel in a necktie. The only difference is he doesn't use green fatigues. It's the same person, the same personality - arrogant, dominating, cruel, brutal, a liar, a liar. He was going to get together with Gorbachev. And the Herald is so miserable, so without shame, they put that on the front page, "The two leaders will meet." The Herald calls itself a serious newspaper? How can a serious paper put on the front page that Gorbachev is going to meet with a man like Mas Canosa?

These gentlemen from the [Cuban American National] Foundation - well, nobody believes a millionaire. Nobody believes anything about a millionaire. Nobody. Look in the Bible, look everywhere. What rich person has been good enough to lift a community? If Mas Canosa had been Napoleon, they never would have defeated him at Waterloo. Because if Napoleon's problem was money, money, and more money, Mas Canosa has solved that.

Is there a good politican or businessman?
I hope to meet one some day. Up to now I haven't met even one.

Who are your ten biggest enemies?
My ten biggest enemies. In general all my enemies are little, because [Victor] De Yurre is little, but on the other hand he's a big enemy. Luis Sabines doesn't have much height.

You make lots of jokes about Sabines's hair. What's that about?
He was having Mirta de Perales make him some wigs. A general came here [after defecting from Cuba], General del Pino, who used wigs to go out, to hide from television. So Sabines got really enthusiastic, but his head doesn't permit much. It's a deformed head. No wig artist could design it correctly. He has only one hair, but oh well. He's bald naturally. That's the only thing he naturally is - bald.

Anyway, your top ten enemies? Mas Canosa, Carlos Arboleya?
Arboleya has dedicated himself lately to crowning queens. He's forgotten about me a bit. He puts the crowns on the social queens. Every day he's in the newspaper putting on the crowns. I don't know how a banker puts on crowns, but he's happy with it. He even went to the Soviet Union to teach the government about beauty contests. He gave classes on how to elect a beauty queen.

So you consider those people among your worst enemies? Arboleya, Sabines, Mas Canosa?

Xavier Suarez.

Miami Commissioner Miriam Alonso?
No. Miriam and I are not enemies. She just called me combative, someone who creates problems.

Of course, Fidel is your number-one enemy.
Fidel is number one. Raul [Castro] is number two.

Who else?
[Tomas Garcia] Fuste [of radio station WQBA] and [Armando] Perez Roura [of Radio Mambi] because they kiss Mas Canosa's ass.

Who are your friends?
The people. Thousands of people.

What does it mean to be a "true blue" Cuban?
History. If you left your country because you didn't want to have a government that takes away your freedom, an abusive, totalitarian government, and you went to another country, being a good Cuban is being faithful to the duty of fighting to return to your country. Not to lose your roots in that other country, to make yourself rich, to ignore. The Americans should have contempt for Cubans who want to be more American than they are, because no Cuban who stops being Cuban can be a good American. If he doesn't keep his promise to his country, how can he keep his promise to this country?

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