The Boogie Man Is Back

In the here and now, KC could hardly be considered a moribund recluse, a rock-and-roll take on the Sunset Boulevard story, bitter star locked up with his dogs and his laurels and his memories. This year KC recorded a cover of the 1965 Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders' hit "Game of Love," for the movie soundtrack to Nobody's Perfect. Rhino Records recently released a wonderfully remastered collection of sixteen Sunshine Band beauties, and the label reports that it's selling well.

The new version of the Sunshine Band performed in March at the Spin magazine fifth anniversary party at the Ritz in Manhattan, where throngs were turned away at the door due to a sellout. Paul Shaffer, on whose 1989 album KC guested, jammed with the group. The band was featured at the New York Queensfest, a colossal festival in Flushing Meadow Park on June 15. They delivered their unforgettable dance rhythms at a show in May for Atlanta's Hot 99 radio station. They gigged two sold-out nights at the Palladium in lower Manhattan, played Naples in April for a National Football League convention, then brought a rain-drenched crowd to its feet at the Miami International Music Festival at Bayfront Park this past May.

Next week KC and the Sunshine Band travel to California, where they'll play San Francisco's famous hot spot, the I-Beam, then head to Los Angeles for a show at Club 1970. On the first Monday in October, they go into an LA television studio for twelve minutes of live music and an interview for the national show Into the Night, hosted by former disc jockey Rick "Disco Duck" Dees. And of course, there was the electrifying Swap Shop concert. For these shows, KC draws on his vast repertoire, often updating the songs by combining them in medleys, splicing in solos, altering the inflection of his powerful vocals. Favorite covers of others' work include Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and the Supremes' "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

KC is as busy as he wants to be, and his music burns as brightly as ever. The next few weeks will be a wild grind, a resurrection of the hectic, happy Seventies. He might have to temporarily abandon his patio project, but even KC has to leave home sometimes. After all, at some point, everybody's gotta dance.

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