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As about 80 percent of the letters to the editor are hatemongering tripe, and only about twenty percent are in response to the "guts" of the newspaper, I suggest you fire your award-winning staff and hire your letter writers to do the job. No columns or stories need be run. Just increase your hate-letter section to about ten or eleven pages (I'm sure your weekly supply would easily fill that many pages) and you'll have guaranteed success - and a lower payroll! Your staff will be so pissed off they'll begin sending in hate letters, too. See how easy this can be?

Let's see now, hate mail, futon and bikini ads, a fitness "meat factory" or two for good measure, and presto - another award-winning year.

Harvey Slavin, Miami Beach

I should not be deprived of service or be treated rudely because I don't speak Spanish. This is the U.S. Here we speak English!Language is the basic form of communication for most people. The more languages one speaks, the more one will be able to communicate with others."Your" people failed to create a power structure, so Cubans had the opportunity to assimilate and dominate while retaining their culture.

Spanish is not a secret language, and not everybody who speaks Spanish is Cuban. Freddy says we should enjoy the rich Cuban culture. I would if it weren't Radio Marti, Calle Ocho, polyester, neon TV shows, and car bombings.Imagine the United States if everyone spoke his native language! This country surely would not be where it is today.

I feel, as an average Anglo-Saxon, that I am getting my face kicked in so that you can speak your language in freedom.Non-Latin Americans have lost their homeland to a society that cannot speak the English language or attain the desire to learn the English language.

I suggest you fire your staff and hire your letter writers.... Increase your hate-letter section to ten or eleven pages and you'll have guaranteed success.

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